Even Some At Fox News Are Skeptical Of Attkisson's Latest Benghazi Conspiracy Theory

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly questioned whether the latest report from discredited investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson, which baselessly suggested a Benghazi cover-up by State Department officials, actually constituted a “scandal.”

On the September 16 edition of his Fox News show, host Bill O'Reilly invited Attkisson to discuss her “troubling accusations against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton” from “a disgruntled former State Department official.” After Attkisson confirmed that her source had not witnessed such actions himself, O'Reilly dismissed the conspiracy explaining that “If no documents were removed, scrubbed, if they weren't taken out or destroyed, then I don't know if there is any scandal”:

Later during the segment, Fox correspondent James Rosen reported that Attkisson's source had previously failed to disclose this accusation of a cover-up and that his account “bears a lot of further investigation before it can be deemed credible”: 

ROSEN: One point about this matter, Democrats on the House Oversight committee, which has previously investigated Benghazi, have noted that Mr. Maxwell was formally interviewed by that panel last year with a transcript prepared and despite many opportunities to do so, Mr. Maxwell never disclosed this shocking scene of obstruction of justice by high level state department officials that he now claims to have witnessed. That omission on his part at that time, along with other issues, will ensure that if and when Mr. Maxwell testifies before the House Benghazi committee, he will face some rough sledding in cross examination.

O'REILLY: Yeah. Why didn't you say it when you had the first opportunity? Yeah, I got it. 

ROSEN: Yes now, all of this is not to say that what Mr. Maxwell claims to have witnessed never happen, just that it bears a lot of further investigation before it can be deemed credible.