Eric Bolling's Conspiracy Theory Trifecta

Eric Bolling is Fox News' resident conspiracy theorist, but he may have outdone himself by spinning no less than three new conspiracy theories in the course of one show.

Through his appearances on various Fox News programs, Bolling has originated or promoted several conspiracy theories about President Obama. He adopted the long-debunked theory that Obama is attempting to create a one-world government through the United Nations, he speculated that Obama allowed the BP oil spill to prevent offshore drilling, and even after most of Fox had moved on, he hosted anti-Islam blogger Pam Geller to continued questioning about whether Obama was born in America. But on the September 25 edtion of Fox News' The Five, Bolling managed to fit three separate conspiracy theories into one program.

First, Bolling declared that President Obama declined to meet with world leaders during the United Nations General Assembly to “create outrage” so that “people like us” would talk about that instead of the economy:

Next, Bolling applied the same conspiracy to Obama's “bump in the road” remark, misleadingly claiming Obama was talking about the deaths of Americans in Libya and asserting that it too was a ploy to change the subject of public conversation: “President Obama says something so outrageous, that people dying in the Middle East is a bump in the road. He knows, he's waiting for the Romney campaign to bite and every other media outlet to bite, and he did and we did.” Bolling then asked, “Did President Obama purposely say something outrageous so he could keep the focus on foreign policy?”

Bolling then raised the possibility that Obama would conduct a military strike in retaliation for American deaths in Libya in an attempt to benefit his re-election:

BOLLING: Is there any question that some time between now and 42 days from now that there's going to be something that's returned? Maybe there is, I don't know, a terrorist cell that gets hit, but let's make sure it's done for the right reasons, not just for, you know, a campaign event.

These new conspiracy theories cap a recent spate of outrageous speculation, such as claiming that the attack in Libya was the result of Obama taking a “victory lap” over the death of Osama bin Laden and that Obama wants to “bring people closer to cities” so he can keep an eye on them.