Did Fox Just Compare Immigrants To Garbage?

Fox News broadcast a story on immigration with on-screen text that read “Illegal Dumping,” evoking a connection between immigrants and garbage.

On the June 4 edition of Fox & Friends, host Steve Doocy teased an upcoming segment about undocumented immigrants, apprehended in Texas and awaiting deportation proceedings, being dropped off at a Phoenix bus station by the Department of Homeland Security. Images of children disembarking from buses were displayed on screen with text that read “Illegal Dumping,” a phrase commonly used to describe the unlawful disposal of garbage or other unwanted items.

Fox has a history blanketing its immigration reporting with controversial terms and text. Last year, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists condemned the network for smearing the children of undocumented immigrants as “Children of the Corn.” And Fox frequently draws connections between undocumented immigrants and violent criminals.