Conservatives Are Starting To Fundraise Off Bergdahl Release

Allen West has a suggestion for how to respond to the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl: give Allen West's political action committee money.

West, a Fox News contributor and former Republican congressman, sent an email today to his mailing list criticizing the Obama administration for securing the release of Bergdahl from the Taliban in Afghanistan in a prisoner swap.

He wrote that in getting Bergdahl released, “America now negotiates with terrorists” -- a statement that ignores the country's long and bipartisan history of such negotiations -- and added: “Today is just another sad day where our own Commander-in-chief is more dangerous than the enemies we're fighting.”

West segued from calling Obama worse than terrorists because he negotiated the release of a captured soldier to soliciting money for his political action committee, The Allen West Guardian Fund. West wrote: “I have just the solution ... Will you make an immediate contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more right away to Allen West Guardian Fund?”

West, who served in the Army but left under a cloud of controversy, has advocated that “the U.S. House of Representatives should file articles of impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama” in response to the Bergdahl negotiations. He also suggested that Bowe Bergdahl's father may have claimed the White House for Islam by saying a common Arabic phrase during his Rose Garden appearance with the president to announce his son's release from captivity. 

In December 2013, as Paul Waldman noted, West criticized President Obama for purportedly having “abandoned” Bergdahl. West wrote: “This past POW/MIA national day of recognition, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel reiterated a pledge to secure the young Army NCO being held captive, but have there been any actions? Any time, attention, or even mention from the Commander-in-Chief? Nah, no camera highlights in it for him.” He later admonished readers to “not forget” Bergdahl because he deserves “our time and attention.”

Media Matters previously documented how conservatives pundits have raised funds for their organizations by invoking the September 2012 Benghazi attacks.

Here's the email: 

West email