CNN's Brian Stelter: Fox Was The First Network To Cut Away From Clinton's Testimony, Despite Being “One Of The Main Media Drivers Of The Benghazi Story”

Stelter: “If Clinton Had Been On The Ropes ... Fox Probably Would Have Continued To Show The Hearing”

From the October 25 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources:

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DAVID ZURAWIK: It was a huge moment. I'm not saying something bad can't happen -- especially with the Clintons. But I have to tell you, I watched it, and I thought, “Oh my lord, I can't believe the Republicans are going into primetime.” And they made it an epic struggle for her with the 11 hours that everyone talks about. 

BRIAN STELTER: What you're saying reminds me of Fox's coverage that day. As we all know, Fox News has been one of the media drivers of the Benghazi story. In some ways Fox has made it and continue to make it a story. And yet Fox was the network that cut away around 5 p.m., after many hours of the hearing. I think two things were happening there, David. Tell me what you think. I think number one, Fox always tends to cut out of news and go to its regularly scheduled programs because they rate really well. But number two, if Clinton had been on the ropes, if she had been struggling, Fox probably would have continued to show the hearing, don't you think? 

ZURAWIK: Yeah Brian, you know I have to agree with you. I always hate to read what's in the minds of networks but given the coverage they gave it before, yes, I think you're absolutely right. I think that was a devastating thing for many people who wanted to see her taken down in that public forum. It was painful for them, I think, to watch. Fox knew that. Now Fox's narrative is, “Look, there was a lot of coverage, look at our ratings for primetime. You know they were twice as high as anyone else.” Fine. That's their narrative. But I think you're absolutely right in what you're saying.


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