Bill O'Reilly's Race Hustle

Last night in the midst of a scornful monologue Bill O'Reilly appealed to his audience to “call out the racial charlatans.”


O'Reilly's now multiday diatribe against what he terms the “grievance industry” is endemic of his scornful attitude towards anyone who works to solve clear racial imbalances that still persist in America today.

The source of his ire Tuesday night was a hearing held by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee. The distinguished panel of witnesses included Center for Social Inclusion Founder Maya Wiley, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Eugene Robinson, and Southern Poverty Law Center founder Morris Dees, who has risked his life on the line battling against the most virulent forms of racism from the KKK to Neo-Nazi groups.

O'Reilly It's clear O'Reilly did not care to examine or watch the content of the hearing, which was not critiqued at all in the segment. O'Reilly simply dismissed the witnesses before the panel as “far-left people who believe America is essentially an unjust country,” saying that the hearing displayed a lack of diversity.

O'Reilly makes it clear throughout the segment that he can't see racism beyond the reach of his scornful gaze. Discussing the very issue of discrimination in America, according to O'Reilly, is simply a way to “stick it to the U.S.A.” because the perception of racism in the country degrades our standing in the world.

During the segment O'Reilly played a montage of several black male media and political figures expressing their perceptions on race following the Trayvon Martin case that concluded with Jay Z speaking about how he did not sleep for “two days” after the verdict, upset by the “blatant” racism he witnessed.

O'Reilly seemingly dismissed the comments of Tavis Smiley, Touré, and Congressman Charlie Rangel because Jay Z could not possibly speak about racism in America being “a multimillionaire hobnobbing with President Obama.” According to O'Reilly, Jay Z's entire life experience is wiped out because he achieved financial success.

As opposed to looking for solutions to solve clear racial divides in our judicial, economic, and education systems, O'Reilly's answer is shut up and stop whining because you have it good in America.

That is O'Reilly's race hustle -- demonizing anyone who speaks up against inequality, attempting to bully them into silence.