Bill O'Reilly Blames Obama For Rise Of Opioid Addiction Deaths

O’Reilly: “Kids Want To Try It Thinking It’s Cool. And That Comes From The Top. The Leadership Of This Country So It Is His Fault”

From the December 12 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O’REILLY (HOST): Here's the deal. President Obama has made it a cause to go out and try to convince Americans that number one selling heroin’s not a violent crime. That's insane to me. Because I have seen what heroin does to people. All right? And number two, he does this because he believes that the justice system is unfair to black heroin dealers, see? Because more of them are arrested. The black heroin dealers and the crack dealers who are out on the streets, who are actually pedaling on the streets and are easier to arrest. He sees this as a racial thing. So he has tied the racial thing in to his permissive attitude about narcotics and what do we have? An explosion, an explosion of heroin use. Kids wanting to try it thinking it's cool. And that comes from the top. The leadership of this country so it is his fault. 


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