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The bigotry, conspiracy theories, and smears of Fox Nation

Fox News is re-launching Fox Nation as a subscription video service for Fox News “superfans.” Fox Nation has long been the worst of Fox News.

  • Fox News is re-launching its hateful, race-baiting, conspiracy theorist, and downright ridiculous website Fox Nation into a subscription-based digital video streaming service with “right-leaning commentary.”

    The New York Times reported that on February 20, “Fox News is set to announce Fox Nation, a stand-alone subscription service available without a cable package” designed to “‘appeal to the Fox superfan.” Unmentioned in the Times report is that the Fox Nation brand is not new.

    Fox Nation, as a Fox entity, has existed and operated since 2009, featuring some of the very worst of right-wing commentary, smears, and conspiracy theories. Media Matters and others have archived some of Fox Nation’s past content, which has been wiped from its website. Here is a preview of what might be seen on Fox News’ new video service, taken from Fox Nation’s past content (also, if you see any headlines that are missing, please send them to us so we can add them):

    Fox Nation’s history of anti-LGBTQ, anti-Muslim, and race baiting posts

    How Fox Nation described President Barack Obama’s birthday celebration.

    Fox Nation portrayed opposition to marriage equality as being “Pro-Marriage.”
    Fox Nation portrayed opposition to marriage equality as being “Pro-Marriage.”
    Fox Nation joined other right-wing media in smearing gay Obama appointee Kevin Jennings.
    Fox Nation used racist term “anchor babies.”
    Fox Nation smeared Obama appointee Chai Feldblum for her positive views of LGBTQ rights.
    Fox Nation hyped a WND post attacking children’s involvement in LGBTQ pride events at Home Depot.
    Fox Nation hyped anti-Semitic website European Union Times' smear of Obama.
    Fox Nation hyped an anti-Semitic website's smear of Obama.
    Fox Nation promoted then-Fox host Glenn Beck’s anti-Semitic attack on George Soros.
    Fox Nation promoted Glenn Beck’s anti-Semitic attack on George Soros.
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    Fox Nation hyped a Daily Mail article suggesting Obama’s father was a “slippery character” because of his interracial marriage.
    Fox Nation hyped a Daily Mail article suggesting Obama’s father was a “slippery character” because of his interracial marriage.
    Fox Nation tried to stir anti-Muslim sentiments by arbitrarily making a story on Malaysian police's misconduct about Muslims.



    Fox Nation’s history of absurd claims

    Fox Nation wrote the headline “Taliban Copies Democrat Playbook” about an article that described insurgency tactics such as roadside bombing and featured a kill list.

    Fox Nation called the 2009 cap-and-trade bill “treason.”
    Fox Nation repeatedly posted doctored photos of Democrats.
    Fox Nation hyped right-wing blogger Jim Hoft’s claim that President Obama celebrated the murder of Daniel Pearl.
    Fox Nation hyped Ann Coulter column which claimed President Obama is an atheist.

    Fox Nation asked if “Horseman of Apocalypse” appeared in Cairo during 2011 Egyptian protests

    Fox Nation hyped August 2011 Ann Coulter column advocating indiscriminate murder of British protesters
    Fox Nation shared a Steven Crowder video titled “Go Green, KILL PEOPLE!”
    Fox Nation promoted John Stossel's op-ed which claimed that “the lost lesson of Thanksgiving” is “the fatal flaws of collectivism.”

    Fox Nation misquoted former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to claim she called Republicans “jack-booted thugs.”
    Fox Nation claimed a Kim Kardashian billboard was “an accident waiting to happen” because it features Kardashian “giving you plenty of cleavage and crotch.”
    Fox Nation defended Rush Limbaugh for calling then-college student Sandra Fluke a “slut.”
    Fox Nation accused liberal nonprofits of “staging assaults on Republican town halls” by filming “harsh criticism” from lawmakers’ constituents.
    Fox Nation suggested Obama didn’t care about American deaths in Benghazi, Libya.

    Fox Nation smeared Planned Parenthood by distorting anti-domestic abuse PSA video.

    Fox Nation’s history of pushing conspiracy theories, especially birtherism

    Fox Nation questioned reported suicide of a Freddie Mac executive: “Was It Suicide?”