Ben Stein: Obama's Commutation Of Chelsea Manning Shows He's “Anti-Military”

Stein: Obama's Manning Pardon “Because Of Gender Differences Or Gender Wishes” Ignores The “Damage ... Her Or His Leaks” Did

From the January 17 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): I did want to touch on this with Ben Stein. Ben, I don't want to hit you broadside on this, but if you'll indulge me, it's between this and the commutations of hundreds of other prison inmates' sentences, some who were in prison for life on drug charges that the president and others deemed too severe. This is all rolled into the same ball here. What do you make of it?

BEN STEIN: I make of it the fact that we're seeing the real Barack Obama, an extremely left-wing ideologue, an extremel race-based left-wing ideologue, because let's be honest here, the great majority of these people whose sentences he's commuting are African-Americans. He is showing himself to be anti-law and order, and I hate to say this, but anti-military. And I love the fact he's commuting the sentence of this person involved in leaking and the Democrats are going screaming berserk about leaks that hurt the Democrats, supposedly, during the campaign, but if it's a leak that hurts somebody else, that's fine. 


CAVUTO: But he does have the constitutional power to do it, right? 

STEIN: They absolutely have the constitutional power to do it, there's no doubt about it, but what I'm saying is, this is the real Democratic Party that, thank goodness, was defeated in the elections. This is the real Democratic Party that really does not believe in coming down hard on criminals, this is the real Democratic Party that is excellently poised to stir up race relation problems. That's President Obama's main goal I think at this point, to poison the race well in America. He's worked at it very, very hard, and this idea of pardoning Chelsea Manning who did extremely serious damage with her or his leaks is appalling. President Obama has no idea that his party was defeated. He has no idea of it whatsoever. Yet he's the one that smacked the Republicans across the face when they protested against his policies and said I won. You know, they didn't win this time. He's acting as if they did win.


STEIN: I'm all for having better conditions in prison, I think it's absolutely vital. But to let go of somebody who leaked very important documents, and to do it on the basis of something very nebulous, dysphoria because of gender differences or gender wishes just doesn't make any sense. Look, we have laws. This president and this Democratic party don't believe in enforcing the laws. I think Donald Trump does.


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