Beck Upset Obama Didn't Act On Libya -- Then, 20 Seconds Later, Upset That He Did

No matter what President Obama does regarding Libya, it seems, Glenn Beck is determined to bash him for it.

On today's edition of his Fox News show, Beck said of Libya, “If I would have told you a year ago that France would lead -- that France would be the one that says, 'You know what? I'm tired of waiting around. We'll send our planes, and we'll bomb.' And America would say, [crying noise]. Would you have believed that a year ago?”

Then, exactly 20 seconds later, Beck said: “America is involved in the third front. If I would have told you four weeks ago that America may now be involved in a war -- in a third war in a third Muslim country in the Middle East, would you have believed me? I believe I did say words similar to that right over there, that it would sweep, destabilize, and drag us all down. We're in a third war, a third front. God help us all if it all boils over in Libya.”

Um, Glenn? It makes no sense to criticize Obama for not getting involved in Libya, and then attack him 20 seconds later because he did.

It's surprising that the "biggest minds in America" didn't notice this contradiction.