White House applauds its top propagandists at Fox & Friends

Sarah Wasko / Media Matters

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway interrupted an interview on this morning’s Fox & Friends to congratulate the program’s hosts on being named the “most influential media figures” and praise the show for helping the administration “get our message out.”

“I have to take a point of personal privilege, folks, and congratulate you,” Conway said after answering a softball question about the GOP tax bill. Pointing out that the hosts had been “ranked the number one most influential media figures” by the news reporting website Mediaite, she added, “I think influence and impact are important because we're just trying to get our message out here. And we appreciate the platform.”

Mediaite yesterday gave the co-hosts that designation, pointing out that President Trump “regularly starts his day watching Fox & Friends and then tweets about whatever they cover” ensuring that “the topics they cover essentially set the national agenda for the rest of the day.”

Indeed, the president later indicated that he had been watching Conway's appearance, tweeting:

While the president frequently attacks news outlets that provide critical coverage, he has lauded Fox & Friends, holding up their sycophantic reviews of his administration as a model for the rest of the media. In February, he credited his regular appearances on the program over the years with his election victory.

The president has sat for several Fox & Friends interviews this year, often praising the hosts and receiving praise in return. Earlier this week, the hosts pitched softballs at Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and a member of his White House staff.

President Trump has not given a scheduled national television interview with a mainstream outlet since May.