Watch A Fox Host Try And Fail To Find A Single Person Blaming “PC Police” For Adding Harriet Tubman To $20 Bill

Fox News host Steve Doocy couldn't find a single person to support his claim that many are “wondering” whether the U.S. Treasury Department is “pandering to the PC police” by adding Harriet Tubman to the front of the $20 bill, and moving former President Andrew Jackson to the back. While several right-wing pundits criticized the move as “Democrats using our currency as a political weapon to pander to their constituents,” New Yorkers told Doocy “it's a great idea to put a woman on the currency,” and “it's probably time to get rid of Andrew Jackson.” 

STEVE DOOCY (HOST): Alright, coming up on this Thursday, a big change for the $20 bill. The Treasury Department is going to replace President Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman. So many of you are wondering, is the treasury pandering to the PC police? I'm about to hit the streets to talk to the folks on Avenue of the Americas.


DOOCY: This story is about how they're going to replace President Jackson on the 20 with Harriet Tubman. So, here's somebody who saw us, is a Fox fan.


DOOCY: Karen, so what do you think? You know, we had somebody earlier who said obviously they were looking to replace somebody on one of the bills with a woman. Is it time to put a woman on the currency? 

GUEST: It's a great idea to put a woman on the currency but it's been so historical to have Andrew Jackson on the 20. So I think that wouldn't be a great idea to change that. 

DOOCY: Well they're going to put him on the back.

GUEST: I don't know. 

DOOCY: So Harriet Tubman will probably be on the 20 by the year 2020. But do you think the average person even looks at who's on the money and thinks about it? 

GUEST: Probably not. They probably just spend it without thinking too much about it.

DOOCY: For instance, who's on the five? It's Lincoln. Who's on the fifty?

GUEST: I don't want to get --

DOOCY: Grant. Grant. Who's on the hundred? Look, she's about to punch me

GUEST: I'm embarrassed. I knew this was going to happen.

DOOCY: Thank you very much for watching. 


DOOCY: They're going to replace President Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the 20. What do you think? 

GUEST: Well, trail of tears and all of that. I think it's probably time to get rid of Andrew Jackson. 

DOOCY: Really? You're okay?

GUEST: I'm okay with it. 

DOOCY: Alright. Good enough. 


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