Watch As A Benghazi Lie Is Shot Down Live On Fox & Friends

One of the core Benghazi lies perpetuated by Fox News is that a U.S. military response could have saved the lives of those killed in the Benghazi attacks. Consistently, numerous Fox personalities and others in the conservative media have gone as far as claiming the administration left our men to die in Benghazi.

Some suggested that this was made as part of a "political calculation;" others suggested the administration decided the lives lost were "expendable" or that it was "probably a political decision not to rescue them."

These accusations, despite flying in the face of the facts -- most notably that Glen Doherty, who was killed by mortar fire on the roof of the CIA Annex was a member of the rescue team that arrived from Tripoli, shortly before the second wave of the attack began -- have continued unrelenting on Fox and in the conservative media.

This morning, Fox & Friends hosted the authors of Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi, former diplomatic security agent Fred Burton and journalist Samuel M. Katz.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade hoped to continue to perpetuate the myth that no help was sent to those in Benghazi: 

KILMEADE: When we saw Gregory Hicks last, he said that he did believe that they could have been saved, at least help could have been sent on the way sometime in the hours of the attack that went on. What did your research reveal?

Katz's reply was clear: "Help did go to Benghazi, and I think one of the untold stories of the attack in Benghazi a year ago today, was the fact that when word hit the embassy in Tripoli, the CIA staffers, the contractors, as well as two JSOC operators didn't hesitate for a moment."

Katz continued, “They made it there under Libyan circumstances, as quickly as humanly possible. ... The embassy relentlessly tried to figure out transportation. They used a Libyan air force C-130, and at Benghazi airport, controlled by one of the militias, they were held up in Benghazi for four hours.”

The entire conservative line of attack fell apart in a single sentence: “Help did go to Benghazi.”

Kilmeade attempted to dig deeper only to be rebuffed again:

KILMEADE: They just couldn't get anywhere? They were held up by government officials?

KATZ: It wasn't government. It was militia. Everything was divided among the local gangs and warlords and everybody had to be paid his due, everybody had to be served in the very Byzantine fashion that became post-Gadhafi Libya.

 And co-host Steve Doocy then ended the segment.