In the wake of anonymous NY Times op-ed, Fox & Friends host encourages Trump to work more closely with his family

Brian Kilmeade: “I would sit Ivanka, and Jared, or Lara, or Eric, and I would have them in on every high-level meeting”

From the September 6 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): My feeling is, the president's got to, today, understand he's got to trust the people he's with.


KILMEADE: And, if he can't -- he's obviously bothered by it, the report is so widespread from too many different sources. So, I would sit Ivanka [Trump], and Jared [Kushner], or Lara [Trump], or Eric [Trump], and I would have them in on every high-level meeting. Get the experts in from Treasury. Have the experts in from the State Department --

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): But it's not necessarily the high-level meeting.

KILMEADE: Just let me finish. You have them there on a regular basis because you need somebody with you that you trust, that could be there as a buffer, that understands you, because this president is different. He's unique, he's an anomaly as a businessperson, as a personality, and as a president. He went for one office, and he won it, the most powerful one in the world. Nobody else could have done that. Having said that, he is a little different. People have to understand --

EARHARDT: Not a politician. 

KILMEADE: Are not able to get along with him. The president needs his family around him.


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