VIDEO: Fox Responds To Drop In Unemployment By Peddling Baseless Conspiracies

It took less than ten minutes after the Bureau of Labor Statistics released new jobs numbers this morning for Fox to start promoting conspiracy theories about the reported drop in unemployment.

Commenting on the jobs report as the numbers first came in this morning, Fox Business host Charles Payne speculated that “some people will be very cynical that a government number will come out this great on the eve of the election.” Indeed, “some people” at Fox -- including Payne himself -- have subsequently spent much of the day trying to cast doubt on the numbers, with several Fox personalities and guests openly speculating that the BLS may have cooked the books to bolster Obama's chance at reelection.

In fact, much of Fox's coverage today has focused on the “questions” surrounding the supposedly “fishy” and “convenient” jobs report that the New York Times described as “unexpected good news” for President Obama. 


Veteran economics journalists have dismissed these conspiracies as “implausible” and “unfounded.”