Trump Says “I Don't Send” Jobs “Overseas,” But His Clothing Line Is Made In China

On the June 6 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, real-estate mogul and Fox News contributor Donald Trump boasted: “I employ a number of people that happen to work in this country. I don't send it overseas.” However, Trump's clothing line is reportedly made in China, Mexico and Bangladesh.

Trump: “I Don't Send [Jobs] Overseas”

Trump: “I Employ A Number Of People That Happen To Work In This Country. I Don't Send It Overseas.” During the June 6 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, Donald Trump said: “We're destroying our country. We're destroying our economy. We're outsourcing our jobs. We're not making products any longer. If you look at products, they're being made in China and many other countries. And it's really very sad what's gone on.” Discussing his new private plane, Trump went on to say, “I employ a number of people that happen to work in this country. I don't send it overseas.” [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 6/6/11]

But Trump's Personal Clothing Line Is Made In China, Mexico, Bangladesh

Trump's Own Brand Of Clothing Is Made In China. In an April 27 article, Salon's Justin Elliot reported:

Donald Trump has emerged in recent years as the nation's foremost China basher, going after the Asian superpower for undervaluing its currency and for taking American manufacturing and jobs. So it's at least ironic -- and at most an example of gross hypocrisy -- that Trump's own line of men's wear, the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection, is manufactured in China.


Other pieces were made in Mexico and in Bangladesh.

Now, Trump has long complained about Chinese currency “manipulation” and has called for a large tariff on imports of products from China in order to bolster U.S. manufacturing. But he has also gone further, urging Americans to buy fewer products from China, claiming that Chinese goods are shoddy and maintaining that, in his own business dealings, he favors American manufacturing over Chinese manufacturing. [Salon, 4/27/11]

Trump Has A History Of Bashing “Crap” Products Made In China

Trump On Products Made In China: “We Don't Need” Chinese Products Because They're “Crap.” From the April 8, 2010, broadcast of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

TRUMP: Well, you have to understand, Neil, I know China. I know many of the people in China. I know many of the big business people. And they're laughing at us. They think we're stupid and our representatives are so stupid, that they can't even believe what they're getting away with.

They take our money. They suck it out of us. We charge them virtually no tax and no tax, and they loan it back to us. And then they have our treasury bills. And they say, oh, gee, we have to be afraid of China because they have our treasury bills.

It's ridiculous. And, you know, again, the problem with our country is, we don't manufacture anything anymore, I mean, very little. China is doing all -- I just bid furniture out on a major project I'm doing, and I have six bids. Every bit of furniture is being made from China.

The one from America is more expensive because of all the other problems that have been caused by us. So, you know, if we...

NEIL CAVUTO (host): Well, why wouldn't you give -- even though it`s expensive, why wouldn't you give the American company the job?

TRUMP: I did.

CAVUTO: You did? OK. All right.

TRUMP: I have to tell you, I did, because you know what? They actually make a much better product. I mean, the product is 100 percent better. The product, the stuff that`s been sent over from China is -- it falls apart after a year-and-a-half. It`s crap.


TRUMP: The thing is, we don't need Chinese products. OK? We need oil, unfortunately, because there's so many alternatives now that pretty much soon maybe that can change, if we're smart. But we don't need Chinese products. [Fox News, Your World, 4/8/10 via Nexis; Salon, 4/27/11]

IB Times: “Donald Trump Loves To Hate China.” A January 21 International Business Times article reported on the numerous ways in which Trump has openly criticized or attacked China, including Trump saying that if he were president, he would meet with Chinese President Hu Jintao in his office rather than holding a state dinner in his honor, adding that, “I would have sent them to McDonald's if we didn't make a deal and said, 'Go home.'” [International Business Times, 1/21/11]