Trump plugs a book from Daily Caller writer right after Fox & Friends promoted it

Fox & Friends seemingly inspired five Trump tweets in a row

Less than 30 minutes after Fox & Friends interviewed Daily Caller News Foundation Editor-In-Chief Christopher Bedford about his new book on President Donald Trump, Trump promoted the book on Twitter. Bedford, whom Trump referred to as a “highly respected author,” has a history of shilling for Trump, while The Daily Caller has long been a home for white supremacists.

At 7:45 a.m., Fox & Friends hosted Bedford to discuss his new book, The Art of the Donald. During his appearance, Bedford praised Trump, calling him “a steakhouse populist,” adding that the president is “comfortable in his own skin”:

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At 8:13 a.m., less than a half-hour later, Trump promoted the book on Twitter:

Bedford is a professional pro-Trump shill, and The Daily Caller has a history of providing a home for white supremacists.

Trump has long had a special affinity for Fox & Friends and often derives his morning tweets from the program, including several this morning: