Trump election commission member and conspiracy theorist J. Christian Adams fearmongers about immigrants mistakenly voting in Philadelphia

Contrary to Adams' claim, city officials said not a single election was swayed by improper votes

From the October 13 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends:

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J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS: Steve, this is all about politics. Democrats run these cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, New Orleans, the places that are sanctuary cities and counties. They like these policies because it helps them win elections. Don't forget illegal aliens’ children will be eligible to vote in 18 years. But it's worse than that, Steve, because illegal aliens and aliens are getting on the voter rolls in places like Philadelphia. We have found alien registrations in Philadelphia. They are voting. So it helped Democrats win elections to have sanctuary cities.

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): How do they get to vote? How is that even fair?

ADAMS: Well, look at Pennsylvania. There is a huge scandal right now in Pennsylvania that we originally found a year ago that aliens were on the rolls in Philadelphia. Because all you have to do is mark a box that says you're a citizen. You can lie, it's an honor system all around the country. So that's how aliens are getting on the voter rolls. But in Philadelphia, it's worse because some of them actually mark no, that they weren't a citizen but Philadelphia election officials registered them anyhow.


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