Trump ally Pam Bondi lies on Fox & Friends that Mueller “found no collusion, no obstruction”

From the July 24 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Well, this as a Washington Post headline reports Democrats are frustrated as House investigators struggle to unearth any major revelations about President Trump.

BRIAN KILMEADE: So far a swing and a miss for Democrats. Our next guest says they should not expect anything new. Former Florida Attorney [General] Pam Bondi is here to explain. Pam, why don't you think they should expect something new? They seem rehearsed, there's a lot of stuff in that report the president's -- you know, doesn't make the president look good. Why do you think the expectations should be low for a Democrat?

PAM BONDI (FORMER FLORIDA ATTORNEY GENERAL): Because [Jerry] Nadler's going to ask a bunch of questions trying to lead Bob Mueller down a rabbit hole. That's not going to happen. A special prosecutor writes the report and they stick to their report. I've been a special prosecutor on a state case years ago, that's what you do. You come up with a report, you find your conclusions -- which is what he did, and he found no collusion, no obstruction, and that's the bottom line. And I think Mueller, frankly, is going to be way more concerned with what the Republicans are going to ask him about why he continued on after -- when did he find out that FISA warrant was false and why he continued on with that investigation. This is basically a dog and pony show today by the Democrats.


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