Tomi Lahren whitewashes Border Patrol's history of abuse, calls them “humanitarians”

Lahren: “In many cases these are the only people that are caring about these families”

From the June 27 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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TOMI LAHREN (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): First and foremost, they're humanitarians. And of course their job and their duty is to protect our border, to protect the American people, but beyond that, they're even protecting those that are coming to this country illegally. That, to me, was the most surprisingly wonderful thing that I discovered on my trip to the border is that these agents, each and every single one that I met, cared about people first. Above anything else, that was their priority. And in many cases, these are the only people that are caring about these families and these children, are the Border Patrol agents themselves that are out there making sure that these people are safe, and that they are alive, and that they are able to return to their families. Our Border Patrol agents are the ones that are doing that.


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