Steve Doocy Argues Fox Employee Newt Gingrich “Would Be Great” As Speaker Of House

Doocy: Gingrich May Help GOP Get More Done Because He “Closed Down The Government Once Upon A Time”

From to October 9 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY: Sure. So the question is, if John Boehner's out, although he said he's going to stick around, maybe the Republicans should consider a caretaker. And according to the Constitution, you do not have to be a member of Congress. So then people were scratching their heads. The name Mitt Romney came up.


DOOCY: But then the name Newt Gingrich came up and a lot of people said, 'Yeah.'


BRIAN KILMEADE: Here's the thing. The Freedom Caucus has got their point of view, and the McCarthy's and the Boehner's have their point of view. Nothing's going to happen for the Republican party, the House, if they cannot compromise on some level.

HASSELBECK: That's right. Well someone --

KILMEADE: You won't get anything done. Does anyone want to have a caretaker for 16 more months, get nothing done?

DOOCY: Well, maybe they could actually get a lot -- if it were somebody like Newt Gingrich, I mean, he would be great, a great counterbalance to the Iran deal. You know, it's all about the debt limit. Closed down the government, once upon a time. So there are a lot of people are thinking, maybe that makes sense.


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