Right-wing media revive “bow-gate” with photograph of Obama greeting Tampa mayor

The right-wing media are attempting to revive “bow-gate” by highlighting a picture that shows President Obama bending at the waist while greeting Mayor Pam Iorio of Tampa, Florida, during Obama's recent trip to Florida. The photograph is the latest in the right-wing media's obsession with Obama's purported “bowing,” which began following his greeting of Saudi King Abdullah and Japanese Emperor Akihito.

Right-wing media attempt to revive “bow-gate” with Obama's greeting of Mayor Pam Iorio

Gateway Pundit: “Obama Bows Again.” Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit posted the original Associated Press photograph with the caption, “U.S. President Barack Obama bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio at MacDill Air Force Base on Thursday, Jan. 28, 2010 in Tampa, Fla.” Hoft claimed, “First the media hacks were bowing to Obama. Now Obama is bowing to dictators, emperors and the Tampa Mayor. This is getting weird.”

RedState: “More Groveling By Obama.” A January 31 post on RedState.com highlighted the photograph of Obama greeting Iorio under the headline, “More Groveling By Obama.” The post goes on to say, “The mayor of Tampa isn't a Third World potentate, totalitarian dictator, or terrorist leader so I can't understand why Obama would be in full-bow mode.” The post again speculated whether Obama “thinks Tampa is a terrorist stronghold or an enemy of the United States?”

Ace of Spades: “Weird: Obama Bowing Again.” Gabriel Malor of Ace of Spades also posted the photograph and wrote, “I guess I don't mind so much when he's bowing to an American. I'm not happy about it, but bowing to foreign heads of state pegs my OH HE DID NOT meter while this just rises to 'what a buffoon'-levels of presidential misbehavior.”

Fox & Friends shows montage of Obama “bows,” says Obama “bows to everybody,” including “the teleprompter.” On February 1, Fox News' Fox & Friends aired a collection of photographs of Obama bending at the waist. The on-screen text during the montage read: “Presidential Greeting; Did Obama Bow Down To Tampa Mayor?” The pictures included Obama greeting Emperor Akihito of Japan and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, along with several unidentified pictures including Obama bending slightly behind a podium, which host co-host Steve Doocy called “bowing to the teleprompter.” After the montage, Doocy said, “Originally people said, you know, the president of the United States bows to no one. But, as it turns out, he bows to everybody.”

Atlas Shrugs: “What is wrong with this creep?” Atlas Shrugs blogger Pamela Geller also posted the photograph under the headline, “What is wrong with this creep?” Geller asked, “Bowing to whom? President Obowa bows to Tampa mayor Pam Iorio on Thursday, January 28.”

Fox Nation: “Is Obama Bowing Again?” From Fox Nation:


Right-wing media previously attacked Obama for “bowing” to Saudi King Abdullah and Japanese Emperor Akihito

Fox & Friends wonders if it's “a reflexive thing” for Obama to apologize to world leaders. On the November 16, 2009, edition of Fox & Friends, Doocy and co-host Gretchen Carlson joined contributor Peter Johnson Jr. in a discussion of Obama's greeting of Abdullah and Akihito. After showing clips of both greetings, Johnson claimed, “In Japanese culture, a deep bow is very often seen as a sign of apology or contrition,” and wondered if it was a “reflexive thing.”

Fox News Sunday panel discussed “bow-gate.” On November 15, 2009, the Fox News Sunday political panel discussed the manner in which Obama greeted Akihito, which host Chris Wallace referred to as “bow-gate.” Wallace introduced the discussion by noting that “the Internet is abuzz” with a photograph of Obama appearing to bow while meeting Akihito, which Wallace then compared to a photograph of then-Vice President Dick Cheney standing upright while shaking Akihito's hand. Panelist Liz Cheney said in reply, “You could also look at the comparison and think, 'Cheney 2012.' ” Panelist Bill Kristol later added, “It's not appropriate for an American president to bow to a foreign monarch.”

Limbaugh claims “Obama envies these monarchs” and “wants to be bowed to someday.” On the November 16, 2009, edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh attributed Obama's “bow” to Akihito and Abdullah to the fact that he “envies these monarchs. Obama wants to be bowed to someday.” Limbaugh also criticized Obama for the manner in which he bowed to the emperor, claiming “he botched it.”

Cohen cites bow to Japanese emperor as example of Obama's lack of “moral clarity.” In a November 24, 2009, Washington Post column, Richard Cohen wrote of Obama: “He is the same man who bowed to the emperor of Japan when, in my estimation, the president of the United States should bow to no man.”

Fox & Friends cited right-wing blog Hot Air to attack Obama's “bow” to Akihito. On the November 15, 2009, edition of Fox & Friends, Doocy highlighted a Hot Air post on images of other world leaders now bowing to Akihito, while the on-screen text stated, “46 Handshakes & 1 Bow,” echoing the right-wing blog Hot Air post's language.

Right-wing blogs host numerous posts about Obama “bowing.” Hot Air posted a series of blog posts criticizing Obama for bowing to Abdullah and to Akihito, while Gateway Pundit also criticized the mainstream media for "ignoring" the story. Michelle Malkin called “President O-bow-ma” a “waterboy” and asked if “there is a single adult in the White House who can teach the commander-in-chief some presidential protocol?”