Racist Daily Mail Columnist On Fox & Friends Laments Le Pen Losing As A “Loss For Europe”

Katie Hopkins: While Going To Macron's Election Celebration, “It Took Me Two Or Three Blocks Before I Found A Woman And Found A White Person”

From the May 8 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): After a contentious campaign, France has elected a pro-European centrist, Emmanuel Macron, as president, bringing an end to the candidacy of the far right populist Marine Le Pen. 

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): So what was last night's celebration at the Louvre really like in France?


KATIE HOPKINS: I should tell you, first up, I am not a Macron supporter. In no way do I endorse or support his presidency. But I did go to his party. I went to the Louvre. I followed the masses of people that were going there. And you know what really struck he was that it was all some kind of allusion, really. I was given -- before I even knew why I was there, who I had spoken to, what anybody was doing there, I was given a t-shirt and then everyone was equipped with these rather tragic looking flags to wave. And it became very choreographed, very scripted. It was almost like a whiff of propaganda about it. Every time the TV crews came to the party at the Louvre they wave their flags madly like they were told to do. And it just felt very curious. Someone here that I just spoke to said to me they didn't even bother voting because it was all set in stone already. Whoever was standing against Marine Le Pen was going to win. And certainly, from the way the staging was put out, the way it was all organized in advance, it was very much that everyone knew he was going to win. And it felt very surface level, very kind of skin-deep. There was nothing kind of authentic about it like we see with the Trump election or for us with Brexit. But here, it's very much the same picture. Paris and the metropolitan areas love Macron, and the rest of France wants Marine Le Pen. She got 11 million votes last night.

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Yeah, but he won by a landslide. Katie, I got to ask you, though. Last year, in your country, Great Britain with Brexit, that came out of nowhere. This was never going to be a Brexit moment, was it? 

KATIE HOPKINS: Oh, no, no, no. It was never going to be a Brexit moment. Macron was always going to win. That was very clear from the organization of the celebrations way in advance of the result being announced. We always knew he would win. You are completely right. He won by 65 percent, a much bigger win than I anticipated, actually. I would say that the second person, the person that came second was not Marine Le Pen. It was the 14 million voters who chose to abstain or spoil their ballot paper rather than vote for Macron. I would also say that of the 20 million people that voted for Macron, they weren't really voting for Macron necessarily. They were voting to stop Marine. What really hurt my heart last night, and yes I do have a heart, was that he walked up to the stage to the tune of the EU [European Union] national anthem. Joy. And I find that very difficult, indeed. So, this really is a man, you know, Marine Le Pen said it well. She said, “Whoever wins, it will be a woman. It will either be me or it will be [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel.” And I really do feel this is a win for Merkel and loss for Europe.

KILMEADE: So Brussels is the new capital of France, it sounds like. 

HOPKINS: Absolutely.

KILMEADE: So, let me ask you this. Who does he -- what does he stand for? He wants to hold onto the 35-hour workweek. He has nothing to really address the 23 percent of young people who are unemployed. And he wants to give money, something like 15,000 euros for people in their 20s to go do things cultural significance like go to movies and museums. What does that do? 

HOPKINS: Yeah. I mean, it really it's off the scale bonkers, this guy. The fact that he's got in kind of fills me with fear. When you walk around. I walked out of the station to my hotel. It took me two or three blocks before I found a woman and found a white person. That's kind of the dodgy areas of France as they currently sit. There's a 10 percent unemployment rate. Employment regulation that he brought in. He's a banker. He's married to someone old enough to be his gran, who found him when he was at school age 15. He's never had a real job. He doesn't have any children. He doesn't have a proper family so he doesn't connect with people. And he thinks that the best way to manage --

EARHARDT: He was a Socialist at one point, wasn't he? 

HOPKINS: Oh my word. He's --yeah. I mean, he's basically [outgoing French President François] Hollande in a newer younger kind of prettier -- I don't see it myself -- guise. And ultimately, you know what? He thinks that we can solve all the problems of the world by opening our borders and paying for a few people to go to the movies.


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