Pro-Trump Super PAC Co-Chair And Fox Contributor Says Trump Is “Making The Case Against Himself”

Ed Rollins: Trump Created Khan “Crisis” And His Comments About McCain And Ryan Are “Absurd”

From the August 3 edition of Fox News Radio's Kilmeade & Friends

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ED ROLLINS: Donald Trump created this crisis. My concern, and obviously I’m a supporter and I’m going to be a supporter to the bitter end here, is that since the night he gave his acceptance speech, which is a very fine speech, every single day he’s lost ground.


BRIAN KILMEADE: What about his decision to not back Sen. McCain, said I never really liked him. And say he’s not quite there yet with Paul Ryan?

ROLLINS: Well it’s absurd. First of all he’s complaining and he’s saying the media is against him. As you know from the station you work on and I participate in, there are many people in the media very pro-Trump. There’s certainly The Washington Post, and The New York Times and others are against Trump. So why go do an interview with The Washington Post and basically attack the House speaker, attack Sen. McCain, instead of saying, “Listen, I look forward to working with Speaker Ryan and a Republican majority when I get to be the president”? 


ROLLINS: The most important thing you’ve got to do is you gotta go make the case against your opponent and make the case for [inaudible]. And so far he’s making the case against himself and very little against his opponent.