Obama Calls Out Fox Propaganda Machine: Fox Spins Comments To Push More Falsehoods

Fox News deflected from its role manufacturing scandals about the Benghazi attack by complaining that President Obama pointed to the network as a source of misinformation during a Super Bowl interview with Bill O'Reilly.

On February 2, Fox New host Bill O'Reilly conducted a live interview with President Barack Obama which aired before Super bowl XLVIII. During the interview, Obama responded to O'Reilly's claim that “your detractors believe that you did not tell the world it was a terror attack because your campaign didn't want that out” by pointing out that “they believe it because folks like you are telling them that,” later noting “these kinds of things keep on surfacing, in part because you and your TV station will promote them.”

During the February 3 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, co-hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Steve Doocy, and Brian Kilmeade attacked Obama for pointing to Fox's role in pushing the manufactured scandal, complaining that the president “actually went on to blame Fox News for all the mistakes” :

HASSELBECK: When Bill O'reilly, yesterday, sat down with the president, he asked him some tough questions and he said 'look let's go over some game tape here, you know, there have been some mistakes like Benghazi, the IRS scandals that's been bugging you.

KILMEADE: Obamacare.

HASSELBECK: Let's maybe review the tape and see what's wrong. Now most coaches would say this happened or the defense failed. No. He actually went on to blame Fox News for all the mistakes.  

Later, Kilmeade likened this to other administrations claiming, “Bill Clinton didn't blame the New York Times for his scandal. George Bush didn't blame every media outlet for running down the war or for Katrina. Why attack the people who are asking you questions?”

But Obama was right, Fox led the charge in misinforming about every aspect of the Benghazi attack, including the false claim that Obama refused to call the attack an act of terror. In a May 13, 2012, press conference, Obama responded to an AP reporter's question by saying “The day after it happened, I acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism.” In the days following the attack, Obama repeatedly called it an “act of terror.”

Fox has repeatedly dodged the facts on Benghazi, hyped supposed “lingering questions” while ignoring the transcripts that answer them, and used its own Benghazi trutherism as a way to avoid discussing issues that could damage Republicans.