No One Told Fox's Kilmeade That Racial Quotas Have Been Illegal Since 1978

Brian Kilmeade

Fox host Brian Kilmeade insisted that college admissions offices employ a “quota” system based on race, despite the fact that racial quotas in education have been illegal since 1978.

On the November 20 edition of “Fox & Friends,” Kilmeade interviewed former college counselor Lacy Crawford about her book Early Decision. In response to a story about a parent who lied about her son's race on a college application to improve his chances for admission, Kilmeade proclaimed it was “because schools have quotas!” This has not been true since 1978, when the Supreme Court ruled in Regents of the University of California v. Bakke that it was unconstitutional for institutions of higher education to reserve a certain number of seats for students of color. Appearing uncomfortable, Crawford didn't bother to correct Kilmeade, saying only, “Well, 'quota' is a complicated word.”