New York Post columnist claims the Proud Boys “don't have any real dark beliefs”

Karol Markowicz defends the violent and misogynistic group in a segment condemning “Democrats' rising rhetoric”

From the July 31 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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KAROL MARKOWICZ (NEW YORK POST): The other real concern to me is that normal, regular people are defending, say, punching somebody in the face that you disagree with. This group, the Proud Boys, were at a bar in LA, and there was a confrontation from people who just didn't think they should exist. They weren't doing anything, they weren't hurting anyone, and they don't have any real dark beliefs. If you want to confront somebody, confront them with your words. Like I say to my two-year-old, use your words, don't hit, it's not that hard. 


NY Post: When will Democrats condemn the left’s growing turn to violence?


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