Mollie Hemingway on Fox & Friends: It's “a very weird thing” for Parkland survivors to be talking about gun policy in response to a shooting

Hemingway attacked Time magazine's “media bias” for March for Our Lives cover story ahead of protest

From the March 23 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Mollie, are you surprised they didn't put the second amendment supporter on the cover?

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: No, it's not surprising because of how embedded in the anti-gun movement many people in our media are. But it really shows media bias in two very important ways. One, even at a very liberal school in a very liberal area like this horrible shooting happened, you're going to have a diversity of viewpoints. Not all students are going to say that the answer to a mass shooting is restrictive gun control measures. 

DOOCY: Sure. 

HEMINGWAY: But it's also true that even the fact that they are talking about gun control in any way, pro or con, is a very weird thing in response to a shooting where what we really know about it and we've learned over a month plus of information is one of catastrophic government failure at the federal --

DOOCY: Absolutely. 

HEMINGWAY: State and local level. And if the media want to push for government action, and they always seem to want to do just that, they have plenty of opportunities to let the story lead where the facts lead. 


DOOCY: But doesn't Time magazine have an agenda these days?

HEMINGWAY: Yeah, well that's what I think has been discouraging to see in this media coverage is just throwing away any attempt to show nuance or the complexity of an issue. I mean, gun control is one those things where there are a lot of trade-offs in play.

DOOCY: Sure.

HEMINGWAY: A lot of complexities and there's actually a lot of common ground too on what could be accomplished in terms of tightening up background checks or regulating bump stocks. You know, there are things where there isn't as much disagreement. But as was seen from the moment this horrible shooting happened, it was a major push to get people to disarm themselves in the face of government failure. And that's beyond what a journalistic entity should be doing. 


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