Kellyanne Conway: Calling Out Trump's Lies Is “Dangerous To The Democracy”

Conway: “It's Dangerous To The Democracy And For Those Around The World Watching What We Do And How This President Is Covered In His Early Days … To Just Throw In Adjectives Like That”

From the January 27 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Plus there are some, Kellyanne, there are some reporters who are calling -- Kellyanne, there are some reporters in some newspapers that are just flat out calling the president a liar. They would never do that to Barack Obama in a million years. 

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Even when he did. You can keep your doctor if you like, you can keep your insurance plan. We have 57 states in the nation. I mean, there were plenty of occasions to call out former presidents on their falsehoods and that was done very sparingly and not so strategically. I think it's dangerous to the democracy and for those around the world watching what we do and how this president is covered in his early days, very dangerous to just throw in adjectives like that, either without evidence, but also without context. And I think some of the coverage, in addition to -- bias is easy to detect. It's really the incomplete coverage that I am watching very closely. It's, well, what's missing from the story? What was omitted? What's left on the cutting room floor that actually would inform the public factuallyabout what's happening here? What an amazing week.

DOOCY: No kidding.


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