Guns, Junk Food, & John Stossel: How Fox & Friends Celebrated Back To School Week

Fox News' morning show Fox & Friends celebrated Back to School week by pushing for armed teachers, rehashing tired myths about healthy school lunches, using slurs for immigrant children, and hosting discredited Fox personality John Stossel without disclosing his problematic history on the issue of education.

Arming Teachers

On its September 2 broadcast, Fox & Friends hyped the Argyle Independent School District (ISD) in Texas, which has recently armed some of its teachers, hosting a parent with two children enrolled in that school district who supports the program. The segment, which echoed similar Fox & Friends segments on August 27 and August 30, neglected to mention, however, that experts and educators agree that arming teachers is a dangerous practice, a habit the network shares with National Rifle Association.

Attacks On School Lunches

In keeping with Fox's long-standing tradition of attacking first lady Michelle Obama's healthy school lunch program, co-host Heather Childers reported on Fox & Friends' September 4 broadcast that two New York school districts are pulling out of the program because kids say “the portion sizes are too small and it doesn't taste good.”

CHILDERS: Two more schools finding the first lady's healthy lunch program hard to swallow. Two districts in New York are now ditching the menu that Michelle Obama revamped in 2010. The reason? It has increased the cost of the lunches and the number of students buying has drastically dropped. So why are less kids chowing down? They say that the portion sizes are too small and it doesn't taste good.

On September 2, Fox & Friends also hosted a student who is “taking a stand” against these school lunches, with co-host Steve Doocy claiming that students should be able to decide on their own lunches because “they're the customer.”

And on September 5, the program hosted Student Nutrition Association (SNA) president Julia Bauscher who requested that the USDA not require fruits or vegetables in school lunches.

None of these reports mentioned a recent study showing that students adapt to the new nutritional standards over time, nor did they disclose the SNA's commercial ties with corporate food vendors.

“Illegal Children”

During a “News by the Numbers” segment on September 3, Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade claimed that educating “illegal immigrant children” would cost $761 million and noted that there are “1,000 in my district alone.” Unsurprisingly, Kilmeade neglected to point out that undocumented school-aged children in in the United States have a legal right to access public education on equal terms.

John Stossel's Questionable Education Record

On September 4, Fox & Friends turned to Fox Business Network host John Stossel to attack the Common Core State Standards (a practice the network has regularly engaged in) and to push for-profit elementary schools. This discussion, however, made no mention of Stossel's questionable involvement with teaching materials funded by two foundations described as “the dark money ATM of the right.”

Curiously missing from Fox & Friends this week was groundbreaking news out of New York City, where the show broadcasts. September 4 marked the first day back to school for New York City students, as well as the first day of expanded pre-kindergarten "for more than 50,000 of the city's very smallest children." CBS New York reported, “City officials said 51,500 full-day pre-K students were enrolled as of Monday, up from 20,000 last year. They said the number will be up to 53,000 by the end of the month.”