Gretchen Carlson’s Departure From Fox Follows Years Of Observing Sexism On Air

Former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit against Fox News CEO Roger Ailes alleging sexual harassment and retaliation because Carlson would not have a “sexual relationship with” Ailes. Carlson has witnessed years of on-air sexism from male colleagues at Fox.

Gretchen Carlson Filed Lawsuit Against Fox CEO Roger Ailes Over Allegations Of Sexual Harassment And Retaliation

Former Fox Host Gretchen Carlson Filed Lawsuit Claiming “Ailes Retaliated Against Carlson” Because She Would Not Have “A Sexual Relationship With Him.” Lawyers at Smith Mullin P.C. representing former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson submitted a complaint to the Superior Court of New Jersey alleging that Fox News CEO Roger Ailes “retaliated against Carlson in various ways,” including “ostracizing, marginalizing, and shunning her,” as well as “terminating her employment,” because she would not have a “sexual relationship with him.” Carlson’s contract with Fox News was terminated on June 23, according to the complaint. [Complaint and Jury Demand submitted to Superior Court of New Jersey, 7/6/16]

Lawsuit Alleged Co-Host Steve Doocy “Created A Hostile Work Environment By Regularly Treating [Carlson] In A Sexist” Way, Including Manhandling Her. The complaint submitted to the Superior Court of New Jersey by lawyers at Smith Mullin P.C. representing Carlson says that “one of her co-hosts on Fox & Friends, Steve Doocy, had created a hostile work environment by regularly treating her in a sexist and condescending way, including by putting his hand on her and pulling down her arm to shush her during a live telecast.” The complaint further alleges that Doocy “engaged in a pattern and practice of severe and pervasive sexual harassment of Carlson” and treated her as a “blond female prop.” [Complaint and Jury Demand submitted to Superior Court of New Jersey, 7/6/16]

Carlson Has Witnessed Years Of On-Air Sexism From Male Colleagues At Fox

Carlson: “Pants Were Not Allowed On Fox & Friends.” Gretchen Carlson revealed on Fox News Radio’s Kilmeade and Friends that “pants were not allowed on Fox & Friends,” the morning Fox show Carlson co-hosted for over seven years. Carlson remarked, “Nobody's going to recognize me because not only am I dressed casually, I have on pants.” From the September 19, 2013, edition of Fox News Radio’s Kilmeade & Friends:

BRIAN KILMEADE: Guess who just walked in? If you're watching -- if you have the podcast. Gretchen Carlson's in, dressed casual, kind of. Very nice.

CARLSON: Wait a minute. Nobody's going to recognize me because not only am I dressed casually, I have on pants.

KILMEADE: Well, pants, what is --

CARLSON: Now, pants were not allowed on Fox & Friends, remember?

KILMEADE: Yeah, what happened with that?

CARLSON: So I have jeans on, Brian. Welcome -- welcome to the new Gretchen. [Fox News Radio, Kilmeade & Friends, 9/19/13]

Carlson Walked Off Set When Brian Kilmeade Remarked “Women Are Everywhere. We’re Letting Them Play Golf And Tennis Now.” Carlson walked off the set of her show on the June 14, 2012, edition of Fox & Friends when co-host Brian Kilmeade remarked that “women are everywhere. We're letting them play golf and tennis now.” The co-hosts later addressed the incident; Carlson said she was kidding when she left the set, and Kilmeade said he's “pretty much not sexist.” [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 6/14/12]

Brian Kilmeade Asked Carlson, “Didn’t Men Give You The Kitchen?” Kilmeade asked Carlson, “Didn’t men give you the kitchen?” during a discussion about sanctuary spaces in the home for men and women. [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 1/24/11]

Kilmeade Referred To Women As “Babes,” “Chicks,” And “Skirts.” On the June 22, 2010, edition of Fox & Friends, Kilmeade referred to women as “babes, chicks” and “skirts,” in a segment on consumer car preferences. Carlson groaned, “Brian!” [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 6/22/10]

Fox & Friends Spent More Than 13 Minutes In One Segment Questioning Women’s Driving Abilities. During a May 1, 2013, Fox & Friends segment,co-hosts Doocy and Kilmeade challenged Gretchen Carlson and meteorologist Maria Molina to a men vs. women “park-off.” Carlson hyped the event as “stereotypes played out to perfection,” while Doocy referred to it as “the battle of the sexes park-off.” [Media Matters, 5/1/13]

Fox Guest Told Carlson, “Dating Is Legal Prostitution.” On the July 27, 2010, edition of Fox & Friends, guest Mark Rudov told Carlson, “dating is legal prostitution. If women aren’t going to show up unless they’re bought and paid for, that’s prostitution.” [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 7/27/10]

Kilmeade Introduced Carmen Electra’s Fox News Appearance With “She’s Got A Great Body.” Kilmeade introduced actress Carmen Electra’s appearance on the April 30, 2010 edition of Fox & Friends by saying “she’s got a great body.” [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 4/30/10]