Geraldo Rivera: We need the wall “psychologically ... because we're scared that the demographic makeup of the country is changing”

From the August 3 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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GERALDO RIVERA (FOX NEWS ROAMING CORRESPONDENT-AT-LARGE): If you want the wall, the wall I think will cut down on the Juan and Maria, the fruit picker, the babysitter, the lawn mower, the dishwasher, those immigrants will be, I think, kept out by the wall. But the transnational dopers won't be. I mean you see, I made this joke, in Madison Square Garden, when they shoot the t-shirts into the crowd, imagine that was just 10 pounds of cocaine. You could shoot it over a 30-foot wall. 


RIVERA: I think though that the United States needs, psychically, we need -- psychologically we need the wall on the southern border because we're scared that the demographic makeup of the country is changing. There's so many people coming.


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