Fox’s Will Cain argues that the founding fathers shouldn’t be described as slaveowners because “slavery was commonplace”

Cain: “But if you were asked to describe someone, to define someone, to identify someone, to tell their story, you would look for the traits they hold that are unique, not the traits that they hold that were commonplace.”

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Citation From the July 17, 2022, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Sunday

WILL CAIN (FOX NEWS HOST): This works for me as an explanation. But if you were asked to describe someone, to define someone, to identify someone, to tell their story, you would look for the traits they hold that are unique, not the traits that they hold that were commonplace. To the point of tattoos, increasingly, it's not something that distinguishes you from someone else. I made the joke, if you were asked to describe a pirate, you wouldn't discuss his hair color, you would discuss his peg leg. You're looking for what makes someone unique. Sadly, underlined and emphasized, sadly, slavery was commonplace for much of human history. It did not set our founding fathers apart. What set them apart, their unique description and identifier was their ability to recognize and codify these eternal freedoms and rights in the Constitution and in the declaration. That's the definition, description and story of James Madison.