Fox's Varney: Missing Egyptian Airplane “May Be Good Politically For Donald Trump”

Varney: “An Incident Of This Type Is Surely A Plus For Donald Trump”

From the May 19 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Explain this regarding the refugees.

STUART VARNEY: I think this destabilizes Egypt even more. It's already on shaky ground economically and politically. An incident like this further destabilizes it, which I think this will encourage the refugee crisis. That's already hitting Europe. I think that gets worse with every incident of this type. Remember, Egypt is just right across the Mediterranean Sea from southern Europe. Just like Libya, just like the other countries of North Africa. If you destabilize that whole economy, and I think this will, you further put pressure on more refugees to leave in their boats and get across the European -- across the Mediterranean.


AINSLEY EARHARDT: Yeah, I was hearing this morning that security is so tight now in Paris after recent attacks, because it has affected their government and their economy there. They can't afford for things like this to happen.

VARNEY: It destabilizes the whole security position in Europe. This plane took off from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. I don't know where it was before then, I think it was in Brussels before then and Casablanca. But the whole idea of the secure European airport is thrown into doubt by incidents of this kind. I also think that this may be good politically for Donald Trump.


VARNEY: He's already tweeted out saying this is probably terrorism, I believe that's the nature of his tweet. He's the guy who's saying, hands off, keep Muslims out, temporarily, whilst we figure out who comes in. An incident of this type is surely a plus for Donald Trump.


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