Fox's Tomi Lahren: Modern-day feminism is less about “equal rights” and more about “man bashing and demanding free things”

Lahren: “The feminists have not come out to support people like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, like Kirstjen Nielsen,” so “a lot of millennial women” say that “feminism isn't for me anymore”

From the August 15 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Let's talk about women -- millennial women. They have a definite feeling about who they are. And according to a recent poll, the most Democrat females over the next generation, 63 percent say they are feminist, a total of 46 percent overall when you factor in independents and Republicans. How do you explain that? 

TOMI LAHREN (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Well, this isn't surprising to me because I know many millennial women who though they believe in female empowerment and women's rights they don't consider themselves feminists anymore. Because truth is, modern-day feminists have hijacked the term and have changed it into something that the original feminists would be horrified by, they'd be rolling in their graves if they saw what feminists have done with the movement. It's become less about equal treatment and equal rights and more about special treatment. It's become about man bashing and demanding free things and marching in the streets getting attention with hats and being anti-Trump. It's not really about lifting up women, empowering women, because if they were to do that they would have to empower women who are conservative women and as we've seen especially in the last six months they've done everything but that. The feminists have not come out to support people like [White House Press Secretary] Sarah Huckabee Sanders, like [Secretary of Homeland Security] Kirstjen Nielsen, like the rest of the women in the Trump administration who have ascended to very high positions under this president. All they have done is demean these women. So that's why I think we're seeing a lot of millennial women say you know what? Feminism isn't for me anymore. 


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