Fox's Stuart Varney complains that media are covering “children in cages” rather than “the good news on the economy”

Varney: “The media is ignoring, deliberately, President Trump's success. If you read the headlines ... it's trade war, it's children in cages.”

From the June 21 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): There is no doubt that the economy is doing well, less regulations and stuff like that. And yet, the media are ignoring this big story. 

STUART VARNEY (FOX BUSINESS HOST): The media is ignoring, deliberately, President Trump's success. If you read the headlines, or you watch the evening news today, or yesterday, or this week at all, it's trade war, it's children in cages. The real big story that affects everybody in America is the success of the president's tax cut package and what it has done for our economy. Before you break in, Brian, let me tell you this, one million new jobs created in the six months since we passed tax reform. Wages rising at the fastest pace in nine years. 401(k) retirement programs looking very strong. 50 million people have a 401(k), and we've got near 4 percent growth. All of this is because, six months ago, we passed a tax-cut package on top of deregulation, and we're now well on the way to prosperity. The media does not want you to know this and will not cover it. 


AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): If people at home are watching and they know that their paychecks are higher, they got a job, they weren't able to get a job a few years ago. And then you watch -- you watch the mainstream media and they're not reporting that, what is their reason? They don't want to support anything that this president is accomplishing? 

VARNEY: Look, if the November election is fought on the basis of economic performance, if that's the basis for the election in November, Trump wins, the GOP wins. The media does not want that to happen, so they will suppress the good news on the economy and promote children in cages or trade war, or whatever it is. 

EARHARDT: But it's so obvious. 

VARNEY: Anything but the return to prosperity.


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