Fox's Stossel: War On Poverty “Taught Women, 'Better Not Have A Man In Your House Because You'll Get More Money If There's No Guy There'”

From the January 9 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY: So, for 50 years they've spent trillions of dollars and now they want to spend more. John Stossel, the host of Stossel on the Fox Business Network. Good morning to you.

JOHN STOSSEL: Right. We want to reduce the difference but this doesn't work. And for five years, it did work. They lifted people out of poverty then progress just stopped.


STOSSEL: Because they taught people to be dependent. They taught women, 'better not have a man in your house because you'll get more money if there's no guy there.' And so people adjusted their behavior.  And now they want more handout -- what didn't work, the handouts -- they want to do more of.  And my point is that you're going to get income inequality when people are free. Some people will do much better than others, and that's okay because under that system the poor do better too.


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