Fox's Steve Doocy: Mueller “wasn't hired to get” Trump's tax returns

Fox host Ainsley Earhardt: Trump “owns so many buildings here. I assume some people that are buying apartments in all of his buildings, some of them are probably from Russia”

From the July 21 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): There is a big story in The New York Times about how it sounds like the White House is going on the offensive. Bob Mueller is a special counsel looking into whether or not Russia influenced our election and if the Trump team colluded with the Russians in the run-up to the election. Well, what's interesting now is, apparently, essentially what the Trump team is doing is they're putting out, look, this is a witch-hunt being led by Democrats who, for the most part, have given a lot of money to Democrats over the past. They've got clients that have included the Clinton Foundation. And then again, there's Mr. Mueller's relationship with James Comey. The former guy who got fired.

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Look at this. Steve's talking about -- so the attorneys that are working with Robert Mueller on this investigation to find out if there is colluding or meddling, five out of the six attorneys have given money to the Democratic Party that President Clinton or President Obama or the DNC. And you saw the list there.

CLAYTON MORRIS (CO-HOST): Well the concern is around money, right? The finances and the Trump administration --

EARHARDT: The concern for them investigating President Trump, you mean.

MORRIS: Right, so the concern among the Trump administration right now is don't look at our finances. That's what -- this is off-limits, this is not what we're talking about here. The mandate for Bob Mueller was around the Russian meddling in our election, and --

DOOCY: That's why he got hired.

MORRIS: -- hired, whether or not the colluding took place. So we haven't seen tax returns, we haven't seen -- and apparently the FBI is looking into --

DOOCY: Yeah, but he wasn't hired to get his tax returns.

MORRIS: No, but we might end up seeing it.


DOOCY: I'll tell you what, the Department of Justice has explicit rules on what is a conflict. You can't participate in personal or political relationships, however it doesn't say whether or not donations are on the list. But if somebody worked for the Clinton Foundation doesn't that sound like they have got a relationship that is political in nature?

EARHARDT: Yeah, or if they're giving thousands of dollars. That's a lot -- one of these people gave like $33,000. One of these attorneys, they're --

DOOCY: So maybe that person should recuse himself from this particular investigation.  

MORRIS: And also this could extend to be like the Clinton years. Which is, it starts off as an investigation around Whitewater and it descends after seven years into this discussion about Monica Lewinsky and perjury and other things that had nothing to do -- Whitewater was totally absolved. It moves in this entirely different direction that's open-ended and that's what the White House is worried about.

EARHARDT: Well they're investigating to find out if he was, if President Trump was involved with Russia before the election, that Russians buying his apartments in Trump buildings here. If you drive up Fifth Avenue or Central Park South, that property is some of the most expensive property in the country. And I walk along Central Park and I'm like who can afford, how are all of these buildings full? And a real estate agent told me that a lot of their clients are customers are from other countries. Like princes buying these buying elaborate, huge apartments in the city. Well, he owns so many buildings here. I assume some people that are buying apartments in all of his buildings, some of them are probably from Russia.


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