Fox's Steve Doocy Laments That American Mosques Are No Longer Spied Upon By Police

From the November 25 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): I want to bring up another topic before we go. You believe, like Donald Trump believes to a degree -- he's a little more aggressive about it -- we should be monitoring mosques.

RUDY GIULIANI: I was the first one, I believe, to put police officers in mosques in order to monitor them. And here's why I did it --

KILMEADE: But not in full uniform.

GIULIANI: No, no, undercover. And I did it because the attack in 1993 -- before I was mayor -- was organized in a mosque in Union City, New Jersey. Had we had undercover agents in that mosque at the time -- and there's no reason we should have known about it, I'm not blaming anyone -- but if we had, that never would have taken place.

STEVE DOOCY (HOST): These are mosques that are open to the public and the police officers are just under cover.

GIULIANI: And when I would get attacked for it, I would say there is no priest, there is no rabbi, there is no minister in this city that wouldn't welcome a New York City police officer sitting there in uniform or undercover, or in any way. And if there's any imam that does, why?

DOOCY: Yeah.

GIULIANI: Why? I go to mosques. I listen to sermons by imams. Perfectly fine.

DOOCY: Yeah.

GIULIANI: And sometimes it isn't an imam. The imam could be fine. We had situations where the imam was fine, but you get a group, you want to get in with that group, and find out what they're talking about is.

KILMEADE: Exactly.

GIULIANI: And you look at the history of some of these terrorists, and you'll see, a lot of it was organized in discussions at the mosque.

DOOCY: And we just don't do that anymore.


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