Fox's Steve Doocy On Comey Memo: “There’s A Big Difference Between 'I Hope' And ‘I Order,' Isn’t There?"

From the May 17 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): OK so this memo that Mr. Comey wrote after meeting with the president in the Oval Office said of Michael Flynn, “I hope can you let this go.” There's a big difference between “I hope” and “I order,” isn't there? 

STEVE HILTON: Yes. I don't think you have to be a student of the law to see the difference. And I think it goes to the heart, not just of this story, but of so many of these stories we're seeing in the lost few months, actually, ever since the president was inaugurated, which is there's a pattern. Remember that he was put in the White House by the American people precisely because he wasn't a professional politician. They had such a big choice of typical politicians. They had 16 Republicans and they had Hillary Clinton. But they didn't want any of that, they wanted someone who was different. Now he gets there and he's doing things differently. And he's not practiced in the arts, some may say the spin of being a politician. So he speaks more freely. He's a different kind of person. And every time he does something that is in any different from what people down in D.C. are used to, they jump on it and magnify it and turn it into some kind of constitutional crisis. And what that's really doing, and the really big story here is that it's getting in the way of his ability to govern. He was put there to bring about real change in people's lives. You know what really makes me so angry about all of this, is the way that the people are attacking the administration, just loving the sound of their own outrage. But where is their outrage about the people who are looking for work, people who have got work but can't afford to live on what they earn, people with kids in failing schools, there's so many things going wrong. But there's no outrage about that. All that is really hard to fix. They say, “Well he can't do tax reform, that's really difficult, we can't do healthcare reform. We can't do any of these things.” But it's so easy for them to jump up and down on these scandals and these Washington games. It's really sickening.


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