Fox’s Steve Doocy: Is Clinton Pointing Out Implicit Racial Bias In The US “Just To Get Out The Vote?”

Fox Contributor David Webb: Implicit Racial Bias Is A “Farce”

From the September 28 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): I think the whole thing about crime and lawlessness that started the conversation was about stop and frisk. And [Donald Trump] was making the case that in New York when Rudy Giuliani was doing it, crime went down, which is absolutely true.

DAVID WEBB: The numbers are there, we went from about 2,200 murders down to about 500. The other part of that is stop, question, and frisk actually benefits the poorer communities. The communities that benefitted because the policing occurs in those communities, they benefit. A grandmother can now walk -- 

DOOCY: But they say it's racial profiling. 

WEBB: No, it's not. Criminal profiling, we've talked about this before, is different from racial profiling. Criminal profiling, perfectly lawful, upheld in 1968, Terry v. Cook, stop and frisk is the constitutional, the law of the land. Lester Holt was completely wrong in how he classified what happened with Judge Scheindlin, who declared the practice unconstitutional, but not the law. And by the way, that was then fought, and the case wasn't taken up again. 

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): And she's a cop-resenting judge, and everyone knows it. 


The other thing that came out is that [Hillary Clinton is] also is saying that we (added space)have an implicit bias as Americans, and that we're going to retrain law enforcement. Really?

WEBB: OK, let's take this farce called “implicit bias” and “white privilege.” That's exactly what it is. It's kind of saying, “I go to sleep, and suddenly I wake up and I have an implicit bias I didn't know I had this before.”

KILMEADE: No, you came out of the womb that way, that's what she's saying. 

WEBB: And you can acquire it at any time. This thing is like allergies, apparently it can happen at any time. Difference is allergies, you know you have an issue. Implicit bias is simply a political issue, it's a wedge that they use. It's this safe-space crowd, it's this whole we need to pad the walls for everyone.

DOOCY: Is this just to get out the vote?

WEBB: Yes. The answer is yes.


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