Fox's Steve Doocy Calls Marco Rubio “A Fighter” After He Finishes Fifth In NH

Doocy: “Too Bad You're Not Here At The Airport Diner Or I'd Buy You Breakfast Today”

From the February 10 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Well, after a very strong finish in Iowa, Marco Rubio last night here in New Hampshire blaming himself and his last debate performance for his poor results here in New Hampshire. The presidential candidate now vowing to bounce back and he joins us live. Good morning to you, Senator Rubio. Too bad you're not here at the airport diner or I'd buy you breakfast today.


DOOCY: What happened?

MARCO RUBIO: Well look, what happened is obviously Saturday night, the debate went the way it went. And then just the media coverage over the last 72 hours was very negative about it and so forth. And so the last thing voters heard going into the booth or yesterday was, you know, something bad happened on Saturday night. And so it made it very difficult for us to get any other message across. If you look at the margins between third place and fifth place, I mean, you're just talking about a couple thousand votes out of almost 300,000 and so, that made a difference. And I felt bad, our supporters worked really hard. They did a great job, our team here did a great job. To the extent that we finished shorter than we wanted to I think it had to do with the fact that Saturday night and the last three days and the coverage. So that's on me. And that ain't ever going to happen again. And we're looking forward to South Carolina, we're headed there right now. We're getting back on the road here, we're going to win this campaign. We're going to win this primary. It's important for the country and I'm fired up about that.


DOOCY: Well, when you're talking about national security, one of the exit poll questions was about are you worried about a terror attack? When you look at the breakdown about who scored well on the Republican side, Donald Trump wound up with 35 percent of the people who responded to our exit pollers. Meanwhile Kasich had 15. Cruz had 12 and Marco Rubio had just 11 percent Why do you think Donald Trump wound up with a number three times yours?

RUBIO: Well, look, Donald -- the number you just read me sounds just like the number he got on the ballot. So clearly when people support someone, they think they're good at everything. And that's why they support them. So I'm not too focused on that. I can tell you I know exactly how to stop terrorism and it isn't just with a series of speeches with harsh words. You are not going to scare ISIS into closing shop simply by saying that you're going to destroy them. How are you going to do it? Don't the voters of South Carolina deserve to know how the next president of the United States is going to specifically confront a threat like ISIS? So that's what we're about to find out over the next ten days. It's not enough to -- you know, to elect someone that talks mean. You got to know what the plan is. And we have a plan, we've been talking about it for a long time, it's a plan that works and it's one that I think the people of South Carolina are going to rally behind.

DOOCY: Absolutely. All right. Marco Rubio, you are a fighter. 


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