Fox's Sebastian Gorka says Democrats have “normalized violence”

At CPAC 2018, Gorka shoved a Mediaite reporter whom he had previously challenged to a duel

From the October 9 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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SEBASTIAN GORKA (FOX NEWS NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGIST): There is only one party that has normalized violence in America in the last two years, and it's not the Republicans. Let's remember James Hodgkinson did not wear a MAGA hat when he went to that baseball field in Arlington. He was a Bernie Sanders supporter, went there with an automatic rifle and a pistol with a hit list of what? Republican congressmen. And he almost killed one of them, Steve Scalise. You look at the violence of antifa, they go prepared for battle to those demonstrations. The right doesn't do that. You're normalizing something that is un-American. 


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