Fox's Ralph Peters: Obama Won’t Say “Radical Islam” Because Of “His Experience With Islam Was As A Child … He Romanticizes Islam"

Peters: Obama “Refuses To Accept Any Facts That Portray Any Aspect Of Islam, Even The Wahhabi Cult, As Negative”

From the June 14 edition of Fox News' Fox and Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Colonel, the president of the United States is still -- he will not use the term “radical Islam.” However, Hillary Clinton yesterday was asked on a television show about it and she said, you know, I really don't like to, because she has in the past said because it targets a religion. But yesterday she started using it. It looks like Donald Trump has forced her into a corner where she's just made a political decision. You know what, I probably should use it. 

RALPH PETERS: Well I think she made the decision that she had to use it and because Trump called her out. I mean, the two children running for president keep playing I dare you, I double dare you. And you know, It's just sad. But the more interesting thing to me really is President Obama. Behind that Mr. Cool exterior, he's clearly a bedeviled man, a psychologically complex man to the point where he makes Richard Nixon look like Mr. Normal. And there are, I think, several obvious factors for why he won't say “radical Islam.” One, his experience with Islam was as a child, before he could understand religion, in Indonesia where Islam is at its most benign, and he romanticizes Islam. He refuses to accept any facts that portray any aspect of Islam, even the Wahhabi cult, as negative. But also we have a president who can never admit he's wrong. He's so insecure and vain at the same time, that, note, he never says I was -- I'm sorry, I was wrong. He just doesn't do it. And on top of that, he's a weird case of arrested development. Now, most of us might be -- I think we'd be pretty embarrassed if you had film clips of things we said or how we dressed and looked as undergraduates, but President Obama has maintained this undergraduate's dogmatic view of the world, this view that America's the problem, and that's all there is to it. It's so astonishingly doctrinaire, and after all these years, almost two full terms in the White House, he still will not accept the evidence that while not all of Islam is the problem, within the Islamic world today, or worlds -- Shia, Sunni, all the sects -- there is a complex, multilayered, convulsive struggle for the future and fate of that religion. We can't change it, but we have to protect ourselves in the meantime. 


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