Fox's Peter Johnson Jr. Lectures Young Latinos On How To Protest Like Americans

Johnson Jr.: “What I'd ​L​ike ​T​o ​S​ee ​I​s ​Y​oung Hispanic-American ​B​oys ​A​nd ​G​irls ​H​olding ​T​he American ​F​lag​”

From the May 3 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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PETER JOHNSON JR.: You know, I watched I watched th​at​ yesterday, and​ I said,​ how this can be? Is this America in 2016? Those are American children for the most part. Those are children that are born in America and should be suffused with the American ethic, the American value. And that's not the way we engage in the First Amendment, with the middle finger, with dropping your pants, with shouting and cursing out veterans. When I grew up and I don't want to sound like a terribly old fogey, but the notion that somehow you get out in a public place and then curse people who proclaim that they are veterans, that they're standing up for some particular candidate, that's just wrong. 

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): And then make it on national television. 

JOHNSON JR.:​Yeah, ​it's totally wrong. ​But it's the parents' fault. And the children see what they see on television. They see people trying to terrorize rallies. They see people trying to close down rallies. They see people trying to integrate themselves into political rallies, and then shut it down. Whether it's MoveOn, whether it's Black Lives Matter, whether it's an anarchist group, whether it's any kind of group at all. And so when American children who happen to be of Hispanic ancestry see that, they're seeing an example that America doesn't want to fall in love with. 

EARHARDT: We had to bleep it and we had to -- look at this, we can't show you --

JOHNSON JR.: It's all pixelated, it's all clouded up. ​You can't say that --​

EARHARDT: I saw the video though​​ ​--

JOHNSON JR.: I did too. 

EARHARDT:​ L​ittle boys are holding their middle finger up and yelling the F word​.

JOHNSON JR.: Repeatedly.

​EARHARDT: ​And they're like -- ​they look like they're 10​ ​years ​​old. 

JOHNSON JR.: Repeatedly, and so, ​​what I'd like to see is young Hispanic-American boys and girls holding the American flag. If they want to protest Donald Trump, or Ted Cruz, or any Republican candidate, they do so. And they do so in a peaceful way that brings credit to who they are as Americans. These are American children. I understand assimilation, I understand immigration. I am a great product of immigration. I'm proud to be from immigrants, but at the same time, there needs to be an understanding that they are Americans now. They need to act as such. 


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