Fox's Peter Johnson Jr. Claims Obama Intentionally Dismissed Terror In Brussels To Seem Cool

Johnson Jr.: Obama's “M.O.” Has Been To Say “I'm Not Going To Be Bothered By Terror”

From the March 23 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (HOST): As terror was unwinding in Brussels, President Obama went to a baseball game with Raul Castro, bonding with the Cuban dictator during the ceremonial wave. You see that there? So should the president have skipped the game amid the terror? Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. has been thinking about it. Peter?

PETER JOHNSON JR.: I'm thinking about it too much. This is the latest in the series of the frequent flyer in chief deciding he needs to do what he needs to do while the world moves ahead of him. So let's look at a few of them. Remember Benghazi? The president decided to go to Las Vegas the next day. 

DOOCY: He was fundraising. 

JOHNSON: Remember when James Foley was killed? The president decided to go golfing in Martha's Vineyard. 

DOOCY: He was on vacation. 

JOHNSON: Remember after the Charlie Hebdo massacre? The president skipped the Paris unity rally after those attacks.

DOOCY: The president was busy. 

JOHNSON: And remember San Bernardino, well they tried to tell us that wasn't terror. He went to Hawaii and then visited San Bernardino 17 days later. So what we had yesterday, Brussels, the killing fields. The president decided that he wanted to pursue the field of dreams. The president wanted to say, I'm so cool, I'm so detached from the affairs of the world, I'm not going to be bothered by terror, you're not going to affect my schedule. But this has been part and parcel of his M.O. going forward over the last seven and a half years and it's hurt us in America. You know the National Terror Advisory System, we're getting all these warnings, FBI, Homeland Security, be careful in the subway, be careful in bus stations. We're on high alert. But they don't raise the terror level in any way. They don't give us any specific information. So unfortunately, this is a president who's checked out. For a long, long time. And so his lack of a plan is him trying to show, well, I'm really a cool guy, I'm not really disturbed by this. We're doing what we need do which unfortunately is not very much. 

DOOCY: Well I was thinking maybe if he was running for re-election, he would have turned around. But he was running for re-election and Benghazi happened and then he went to Vegas. Maybe the president's legacy, and he's in his legacy stage right now, maybe his legacy is when it comes to stuff like this, he's been tone deaf. 


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