Fox's Nigel Farage says Americans should ignore white nationalism because Islamic terror exists

Farage: “I can't believe ... there is still a sizable chunk of Americans who want to tear down historical statues ... whereas, it's pretty clear, Islamic terrorism is a threat to all of us”

From the August 18 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): And to your point, talking about that attack in Germany last year, Nigel, they do not know exactly where the driver of that van that plowed through and killed at least 13 people yesterday, they don't know where that guy is. But isn't this -- and this is what brought you to prominence, the Brexit movement in Great Britain. That's what, you feel, a lot of the people of England were saying: “Hey, we want to control our borders.”

NIGEL FARAGE: Absolutely. I mean, normal nations make their own laws, control their own borders, and choose who comes to live, work, and settle in their country. We had surrendered that as a member of the EU. I made it absolutely the central point of the campaign, we're not against anybody. We -- we don't wish to have bad feeling to anyone in the world, but we want to choose who comes to our country, and we'll do that to make sure that our workers earn decent wages. But equally importantly, we'll do that to try to make ourselves a little bit safer. And if you think about it, so much of what President Trump said when he was a candidate, all the way through, in many ways echo that, and the American people took to it. What I find, and let me just put it to you, looking at it from this side, what I can't believe -- in the wake of Barcelona -- is there is still a sizable chunk of Americans who want to tear down historical statues -- seeing these figures as the enemy -- whereas, it's pretty clear, Islamic terrorism is a threat to all of us. 


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