Fox's Newt Gingrich: Obama Should Ask Conservative Senators To Recommend A Justice “In The Scalia Tradition”

Gingrich: “If [Obama] Really Wants To Get Somebody Approved ... Ask [Conservative Senators] Who They Would Approve And Nominate Somebody Who Is In The Scalia Tradition”

From the February 14 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Sunday:

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CLAYTON MORRIS (HOST): Senator Leahy and others have said though this would send the [Supreme] Court into disarray, having four-four and leaving these big decisions to the appellate courts and let these decisions stand for a year. And Democrats also saying, look, President Obama was elected to a four-year term. Americans spoke. He was elected to four years, not three years. He has every right to choose a nominee.

NEWT GINGRICH: No, no, no. He has every right to recommend. He doesn't have every right to choose. This goes back to the Constitution. The Senate is not obligated to approve who he recommends. I mean, he has a simple model. If he really wants to get somebody approved, sit down with Mitch McConnell and with conservative senators like Mike Lee, ask them who they would approve and nominate somebody who is in the Scalia tradition. Now, Obama is not going to do that. Obama wants to send up a radical to eliminate the Second Amendment right to bear arms, to eliminate religious liberty, to impose bigger government and more power in Washington. And that's his right. I understand that's what he believes. But the Senate has no obligation to shift this court for the next 30 years radically to the left in the last year of the Obama presidency.


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