Fox's Napolitano: House Gun Violence Sit-In Shows “Disrespect For The Institution They Claim To Love”

From the June 23 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): So judge what did you make of what was happening? 

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: For the first two years of Barack Obama's presidency the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and of course the White House.

DOOCY: Could have gotten anything done. 

NAPOLITANO: How many gun control measures did they introduce then? Zero. This is not about gun control. This is about intimidation and this is about the profound divisions in the country and it's about their disrespect for the institution they claim to love. The other side of this is these things have happened in the past. People have hit each other with the canes and thrown -- I'm sorry to tell you this, they have thrown spittoons at each other on the floor of the House of Representatives a hundred years ago. I don't think they gained a single vote. I think they showed America just how frustrated they are and can be when they try to take away as Congressman [Louie] Gohmert [(R-TX)] just said “a fundamental liberty.” The right to self-defense is a fundamental personal right. It can't be taken away by legislation. It can only be taken away by a jury if you've been convicted of committing a crime.


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