Fox's Kilmeade suggests there's no need to release Mueller report because of previous reporting on Trump officials' wrongdoings

Kilmeade: “I'm sure there's going to be some things negative on the president,” but “we know all about it”

From the March 29 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): [Can't] believe [Nancy Pelosi] looked at a four page summary and said it was condescending. You haven't even seen the 300 pages, how are you going to define that? By the way the Ken Starr report was 445. It all went out there and the Democrats said, “My goodness. we can't do this again. It's so salacious. It's on a permanent record, we can't -- you know, and a lot of stuff we still can't explain to children.” The 9/11 attacks, they did a report there, that was 567 pages. When they did the Watergate recommendations it was 60 pages. So 300 pretty much is the sweet spot.

And I'm sure there's going to be some things negative on the president. We know about some ill-timed meetings, we know all about it. So if you're going to come back, read the 300 pages and say, “There was a Trump tower meeting,” you're going to come back and say, “Oh my goodness Paul Manafort had connections to Eastern Europe,” where he worked for 20 years, and that's why he's got some personal problems, go ahead. But for the president, I'd go full steam ahead. He's got his review. Mueller never challenged his good friend William Barr's assessment. Move ahead. 


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